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tv   [untitled]    July 20, 2011 12:31pm-1:01pm EDT

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aided by certain things they're fascinated by dinosaurs for fifty years now if you would go to a typical classroom in the united states and look at posters on the wall you would see pictures of dinosaurs for the first time last year pictures from hubble space telescope occurred more often than dinosaurs on the walls of the classrooms of america that is quite an accomplished so thank you children for funding to help both well in fact that's true but there we've had servicing missions to the hubble . five of them actually and the last one there was a lot of questioning because the economy was having problems whether or not it should go ahead there were some committees that actually recommended against the final servicing of hubble in fact it was the public the american public that insisted that hubble should be serviced so it could continue sending pictures for
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another five to ten years so the public has actually helped save the life time a pub or extended would you validate helpless contribution to science on one hand and nicest p.r. on the other hand what impact has it had there related nasa has done a good job of publicizing hubble but in fact i don't think that's really the key to success as we all know you can try to publicize something that doesn't really have much value and you don't succeed i think humble really has been a remarkable discovery machine and because of that is been very easy for nasa to. be successful in its p.r. of the telescope i just mentioned that we're going to speak to the apollo eight crew members and everyone knows that they brought back the shot of the earth right now you see responsible for perhaps the most feel safe. you know photograph of this
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guys and who really got it from pointing hubble at nothing how much of a gamble was it a big gamble really i've always been a risk taker in my life when i was a child first thing i did when i got my first job after school was to deliver newspapers i saved up money and got a telescope i was interested in astronomy even at that age twelve years old first thing i did was on a dark night i took it out to see how far i could see fifty years later when i became director of the institute that operates hubble space telescope it seemed to me that one should do the same thing scientifically look to see just how far out that could see galaxies. there had been some studies scientific studies done before the launch of hubble trying to predict the important scientific problems that it would help solve and imaging distant galaxies was not one of them and there were
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valid reasons why many astronomers thought that hubble would do many great things but it probably would not make much of a contribution in studying distant galaxies i questioned that. and i thought it was sufficiently important that i was willing to take a recess and point hubble at. what i called an undistinguished spot in the sky for ten full days to see what it could see. some prominent scientists were very worried about this because we did this just after hubble had been repaired you know for the first three years of its existence there was a flaw in the mirrors that needed to be corrected and so the american public was very upset about that hubble space telescope at the time of its launch was the most expensive scientific project in history. two and one half billion.
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u.s. dollars very expensive and it was not working for three years the astronauts repaired a famous servicing mission very successful perhaps the greatest and moment and nasa is history except for the moon landing. and so it was very worrisome to many people that right after the service of the mission when people had been opposed to the telescope because it wasn't working here's some crazy astronomer was going to try to see if he could image distant galaxies and they were afraid that i would get no results and if that were true then the public would really be opposed to the telescope but i thought it was worth the scientific risk and fortunately i had a very good team of young scientists helping me and of course it didn't work out so there's a story here it is important to scientific risk but let's my question i mean it's
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a huge waste from what you've described a huge amount of money that could have been so many const more than prose what trophy is that intuition or is it is it reason partly no it was that's a good question actually it was intuition. that's. i in my science i do tend to rely on my intuition probably too much actually because i can point to times in my scientific career when i had a hunch we call it you suspect something and i followed it and it turned out not to be productive in the case that. in the case of the deep field it was productive you know it it's true in life that if you're going to make really interesting discoveries something that is unexpected you do need to be a risk taker and i guess i like to go for the big discovery and so i'm willing to
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take a risk even though the majority of the time perhaps you come up with nothing very interesting so it's a style that is a personal style that scientists have some people are not such risk takers they can be very successful i happen to be a risk taker. i've certainly had some failures that turned out to be a success and i think it was definitely worth it now it was in ninety five when you revolutionized the visuals of the science i mean for us for ordinary people it was a revolution of the visuals and of science and you took a chance you took a risk what about scientists and space researchers now can can they take a chance to gamble or are the stakes too high budgets to tight. it's becoming more difficult when funding is in there is greater pressure to come up with a result and of course it's very it's much easier to come up with a result when you don't take a risk when you're doing something where you already know it's likely to give you a positive result but of course the great discoveries are those in which you're
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completely unexpected and therefore you cannot anticipate and i believe for the progress of science it is essential that there be risk takers and i think it's important for the people in the political world to fund expensive scientific. objects to realize that it is important for the march of science for the march of human knowledge that a certain amount of risk taking be undertaken just to make sure one more time for you this odyssey of the humble what's more important the facts or the visuals that that but that's mind boggling for us. the facts the facts yes so what's more important is it more important for you to see a beautiful picture and we can say that that's art and that's important or is it more important for you to realize that there's a discovery that goes you something about the origins of life even if that image is not pretty i would say it is the increased understanding of the universe that comes
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even from an image that is not very pretty to me that has much more of value then something that is beautiful although that of course does have value itself but you ask me as a taxpayer i think. that depends upon your values do you value art and depicting something that is beautiful more than fundamental understanding you also said that we're now experiencing that golden age of astronomy you still have that opinion lately you are even with the budget cuts yeah because this extends over a period of some years we're going through difficult periods now in the past few years but when i talk about the golden age of astronomy i talk about the the space missions that we've had in the past fifteen years and the large ground based
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observatories in the new technological developments that have enabled us to do things like adaptive optics supercomputers that have really advanced understanding the strawman if you look at the fundamental discoveries that have been made in astronomy. paul sawers qualities are those. the existence of planets around other things in the past fifteen years there's been an explosion of knowledge about things largely is due to important technological developments so they've all come together to cause this large number of discoveries that i would say really makes it appropriate to call this age a golden era of astronomy but what do you think how both crowning achievement will be i actually think it is produced many interesting scientific discoveries i believe the crowning achievement of hubble space telescope will be the fact that it made the public aware of the universe and the fact that we can understand it and
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the fact that humans are a part of the universe and evolved from it i believe that is hubble's crowning achievement thank you very much for this interview my pleasure. if. you would be soo much brighter if you knew about someone from feinstein suppressions. please please don't top teeth dot com. for the full story we've got it first hand
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the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news make us. live . it's. just so. pissed some other. solution disciplinary punishment education. moore
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says could the penitentiary system transform a criminal into a law abiding citizen. presumes life behind bars on our t.v. coupe. russian billionaire owner of several british newspaper the legs on. says he wants to revive the disgraced news of the world weekly closed in the wake of the phone hacking scandal this is pressure man saw the british prime minister gets a grilling in parliament today over his ties with disgraced musicor executive. the last remaining war crimes suspect wanted by the u.n. from the balkans conflict is captured was arrested monday got a headache as part of the country's latest attempt to overcome obstacles to its membership. in tripoli will not consider gadhafi stepping down that's the position revealed by libya's foreign minister at a beating with his russian counterpart here in moscow be visiting diplomat expressed disappointment with several western countries for recognizing the
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opposition council is that he is immature to the gulf. it's called the nine pm here in moscow let's catch up on the sport with you and other you know an amazing situations risen in the world of athletics isn't it today didn't have an oscar pistorius the double amputee world famous of course at the moment he's going to the london olympic games we have more in this story it is quite incredible in just a second. good to have your company sports to be here on twenty four are plenty ahead including. par for the course after a weekend of shocks in the cup a new favorite justify their status by qualifying for the. title on the line. down the t.'s crossed for the w b a boxing class between beaten heavyweight alexander povetkin.
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and highs and lows talk curry is seeing more and more. of the disciplines finest practitioners make it difficult look easy. let's start with the news then to tell you how to find yet more room in our home after claiming goal number three at the world aquatic championships the russian well she's been a force of nature in shanghai wrapping up her third synchronized swimming. in the. earlier in the week secured top spot in the. world championship gold. that brings us to football where you're acquiring have booked their place in the final of the following two no win over prove in the opening last four clash of this
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year's tournament the year of lions dominating the first half but just could not break the deadlock it was until early in the second period when they finally seize the initiative. breaking the deadlock in the fifty third minute. five minutes after that the same period claimed as great steaming from his fate in the process liverpool doing what. best one and one finishing two mill how it ended europe why not meet the winners of the park why venice will it semifinal. venezuelans who are into the cup a semifinals for the first ever time undergoing their final preparations for part of why later this evening both sides causing a nuisance of themselves in new york why not going out defending champions brazil while venice will i sent a highly targeted chile squad packing also in the quarter the teams met in the group stages drawing three apiece. it was a case of revenge for ed valborg hagan in stage seventeen of the tour de france the
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sky team cyclist taking the win and wade in state after being over taking up the line at the earlier their norwegian scoring his second win of this season's events leaving home group in the one hundred seventy nine. stage he normally missed out yesterday after world champions finished ahead by. a full forty seconds his winning margin this time around just. some pieces are from the second and third on the day another freshman thomas voeckler ended the day in yellow but conceded twenty seven seconds to isn't even right will. boxing heavyweight contenders have put pen to paper as they seek to claim the recently vacated w.p.a. belt. and russian alexander perfect game to go head to head on august twenty seventh in germany it will be two thousand and four olympic gold medalist but beckons first title fight the thirty one year old is defeated in twenty one
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professional bites the curse needed to feel right at home the erfurt venue having fought sixteen times in germany chick i have already how about w b a belt around his waist back in two thousand and seven peaking another russian nikolai about the death but the thirty two year old leader failed to defend the crime to two injury and was forced to relinquish it the title vacated after four bell told of a demure klitschko took ownership of a fortnight ago beating david haye as it could have been years before he defended it i can. the russian championships have wrapped up with only a select few able to say they took to the events like a fish in water in the moscow event bringing together competitors from all walks of sporting life or ski reports. fun in the sun was just around the corner for capital dwellers but other than a quick enthusiastic to travel far away is the. plenty of discipline. contested but the spectators made their viewers choice by flocking to the aqua bike freestyle
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event pound for pound best in the discipline yvonne put tynan was noticeably absent mean the battle for top spot was blown wide open and an unlikely contestant from a completely different sport emerged at the end of the hard fought outing twelve time windsurfing champion shot showing his prowess and like any true winner your show off saw plenty of room for improvement in what is a relatively new discipline for. him but i would say i gave it about seventy percent of what i'm capable of i lost some rhythm while trying to perform complex tricks so i know i can do better. however our hero of the day strongly believes the overall level of the sport is on par with a global standard. competitive fully capable of winning the world championships i would say it. is currently the best in russia plenty of multisport athletes had
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a chance to showcase their versatility alexandre is another one of those well rounded participants who may have had one of his last aqua bike outings he previously raced in the runabout f three power boat class but initially made his mark in events where the water is of a much lower temperature. i'm looking to quit acrobatics although i've just become russian champion of the time previously when the same title in the snowmobile cross writes and now it's time for me to start racing. so i quite a good devils put their skills on display. in feats are clearly far from their complete resume in the sporting world events of gorski are key. now there is being quite an incredible achievement in athletics with oscar pistorius booking his place of the upcoming world championships in south korea the double amputee also known as the fastest man on no legs needed to clock forty five point two five seconds in
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a four hundred metres race in italy to make it there on the south african did that on some more surpassing the mark by zero point one eight seconds in lake nano that means currently twenty four year old pistorius is eligible to take part in both the world finals in august on the twenty twelve summer olympics in london if he reassesses again twice next year and gets the same time or better pistorius legs were amputated below the knee when he was eleven months old after being born with a chin bones. bernie ecclestone is being investigated by german prosecutors after the sale of formula one in two thousand and six the sports president is alleged to have bribed a biker for forty four million dollars in order to buy his stick the germans say they received forty one million dollars worth of bank commissions in return but the main man in f one says he expects to be cleared of any wrongdoing while the court first to try and find hard kosky ecclestone currently with tens of huge
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shareholding in motor sports top. the excitement rushes up a notch in the world of cricket this week the top two run countries in the tests for india and england going head to head at lord's in thursday's opener on this year's world cup man of the tournaments believes it's going to be as tight on the crease as it is on paper. i think it's going to be very exciting series definitely they've got really good bowlers and then to some broader. resonance is going to be it's going to be a tough fight i think plays well. plays but under pressure and i think more than physical toughness is going to be mental toughness who is mentally tough is going to win it. and let's finish with a hop skip and jump or actions to that effect park her or free running which initially was made famous for the film industry is now gaining momentum in russia that are among the story. can you call it
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a sport if your performance is not rated well these three runners don't care what you call their are. also known as tracers are growing in number across europe and the discipline is now making headway in russia as well you can see the development in the guys you can see that you know that they experience in their training and the way they move the strength and that sort of thing you can you can visit you know we see that wherever we go if we've been to somewhere and then visited again a few years later we do see a difference in the strength and the ability and confidence of the practitioners normally. john edwards regularly travels the world giving seminars and presentations on this being his third visit to moscow his arrival always turns into a great spectacle put on by his russian associates and old portie promoting not only a healthy lifestyle but also raising doubts about the very laws of physics. very important to be able to have complete control over the body could also be very
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practical like when you fly in from bad guys or something if i like what i see here who knows i might join them. russia's climate doesn't allow for a year round. but that's exactly the or salafi to overcome an obstacle unsurmountable in everyday life. that russians don't have many opportunities to practice park or especially in winter when it's cold and therefore thing is covered with snow despite the fact i was impressed with their technique and believe it has a future here. the global community truly has no boundaries with the world's youth united under similar slogans and that's to be healthy in body and spirit through the payment of flexibility reflex coordination and most importantly self discipline . jumping but alas this time
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a lot is all your sport. first .
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wealthy british style. market. scandals. find out what's really happening to the global economy cars report. discipline on. work. with the penitentiary system transformer criminal.
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life behind bars. certainly not forgotten media speculation points to the resurrection of the disgraced and defunct news of the world under russian ownership but. tight lipped. british prime minister he's grilled in parliament over ties with the embattled rupert murdoch and his media empire. also in the program the last remaining war crimes suspect wanted by the u.n. from the conflict as captured serbia rest since fugitive go ahead to join the. tripoli will not consider gadhafi stepping down that's the position revealed by libya's foreign minister as a meeting with his russian counterpart here in moscow. in business news stock
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markets up taking a breathing pause as president barack obama announces progress has been made in raising the debt ceiling for the united states. hello it's nine pm here in moscow but i was co you know and this is our top story tonight rumors of mounting that russian billionaire alexander lebedev would like to revive britain's news of the world the newspaper recently shut down by rupert murdoch the ex k.g.b. agent has some experience of the u.k. paper business to owning both the independent already and the london evening standard that is the robots in the u.k. capital to bring us up to the obvious developing story so what more do we know tonight how likely is it now that could be getting used to another high profile media outlet in the u.k. that well let me just talk generally
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a little bit about the phone hacking scandal first and say that it's been a huge there's been a huge amount of media hype here in the u.k. if you can imagine a nation sitting around glued to its t.v. screens into its radio. as the top executives from news corp news international rebecca brooks murdoch his son james not only them but they two top people in the metropolitan police and prime minister david cameron have all been paraded before and he's never had to answer some very tough questions a lot of media surrounding that here in this country and there's been a series of anti heroes in this story that talks themselves david cameron has turned into a bit of a villain in the piece in the last couple of days and also of course the metropolitan police but now and i should arabs that this is just reports coming from the media that alexander lebedev hasn't confirmed this himself but it looks like he may be interested in becoming the hero of the piece essentially picking up the.


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